It’s been awhile…

Hello Hive Nation,

Thank you to everyone’s support and keeping shopping habits semi-consistent during the past 6 weeks.  We have gone through a ton of changes since the last blog post graced the internet!  New owner and new goals have changed the state of The Hive!

West Texas Esports is recording a Podcast today with us as their guest!  Luke Gonzales will be here shortly, and we will be going over Magic the Gathering and Comic Books.   Follow West Texas Esports @westtexasesports on Facebook and @westtexasesport on Twitter (no ‘s’).

We are going to keep it short and sweet today…

Our online store is up and ready:

Get your comic subscription here: Comic Pull List

…and as always follow us on:


Facebook @thehivecomics

Instagram @thehivecomicshop

Twitter @thehivecomics

What questions do you have for us?


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